Health Care Most Pressing Issue for Country, Workers Say

November 6, 2023

WHAT IS top of mind for your employees? Most likely it’s health care.

A new study by the Employee Benefits Research Institute and market research firm Greenwald & Associates found that workers rank health care as the most important issue facing the country. The survey found that 26% of workers ranked health care as the most important issue in the nation, followed by immigration at 18%, the role of government (16%) and jobs (13%). The findings should give employers pause before they consider tinkering with benefits and shifting more costs to workers, particularly since they are concerned about being able to get the treatment they need. Despite the above findings, many workers are happy with the quality of the health care they receive under their health plans:

• 82% of workers said they were extremely, very or somewhat satisfied with the quality of the medical care they receive.

• 50% of workers said they were extremely or very satisfied with their health plan, and 33% are somewhat satisfied. The takeaway for employers What you can take away from this survey is that in order to retain and keep talent, you need to ensure you have a solid health plan that doesn’t saddle your workers with too much of the cost burden.

You should work with us to find the most cost-effective plans with good networks for your employees. As the job market remains hot, it’s imperative that you don’t go with the same plan year after year. There are options to consider that can provide your workers with better care and less expensive services, such as telemedicine and health clinics.