Today, about 80-85 percent of human resources is being bogged down with administrative tasks.  Ease.com can bring speed and efficiency to your companies’ human resources team.

Communication portal

  • Online home to house company info, policies, HR resources, as well as vacation and PTO tracking
  • Information is available around the clock on employees

Onboarding and HR Task Management

  • Employees complete personal information W4 and I9 forms, as well as other forms, online
  • Includes office equipment setup, policy acknowledgements and performance reviews

Plan Decision Support for Selection Process

  • Help Employees make informed decisions
  • Decision plan support includes health questionnaire, plan comparison summary and plan recommendations

Document Distribution

  • Provide employees with digital copies of their required documents and certificates.
  • Provide separate customized document distribution across multiple employee classes.

Admin Alerts
and Dashboards

  • Digest for admins summarizes activity, making reporting efficient and accurate
  • Admins see a real-time view of employee activity and review enrollment progress

Paperless Enrollment
Simplifies Processes

  • Preloaded plans and forms
  • Customizable benefit items
  • Auto-fill medical and dental forms
  • E-signature option